Saturday, 24 March 2012

First thing you should know.

I never love you </3

                                  I realized that I always staring at you,Not because I love you but I think you are a total freak:/ Don't you think, you have not even one of my dream man charaster
istic.You not a lovely person,you're HEARTLESS . Everyone know that. 

Haha , I know you're laughing while reading my post.This post is   dedicated to men who are like this :
 ~Think I LOVE YOU cause I've always chat with you if you online.
~Think I LOVE YOU cause I asked you to introducing yourself.
~Think I LOVE YOU cause I asked about you GF or dll.
~ ; and many more heartless men.

Realize or not , you are the man I MEAN .

Assalamualaikum,tak jawab dosa , jawab sayang.Tak follow tak dosa ,Follow I hug you :*


  1. Nak juga ayat Maria a.k.a tiru ayat aku tu .

    1. Ni Adibah buatkan kanlaa Cik Kak oii.