Saturday, 24 March 2012

Why are you doing this?

                          Everyone know that anyone can be the one to make them smile?
But I don't know.All I know was they're trying to break my hearts. My own friend acussed me!She were jealous because I always joking with her HEARTBEATS .Hey ,do you think that "boy" is under your control?He is also my classmate.You can't stop me.I'm not going to grab him from you.Think with your brain not your hate. I don't want to fight with you.I know you had feelings,but I had feelings too.I know you are much beautiful'ler than me.You can get him at anytime right? Sorry sis, my respect against you had broken.I know you love him verry much did'nt you?
Cantikkan dia?

Dedicated to:
Aida Syuhadah

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  1. Allah , asal GRAMMAR terok sgt ni?><Malaslah nak tukar.